Fully Managed Cloud Service for Microsoft Azure

Design, Implement and Support with Partner Seven Cloud services for Microsoft Azure

An Azure deployment is an excellent opportunity for a business to improve its technological infrastructure, but Azure is a constantly evolving platform and just keeping up with it takes a lot of time and effort.. You need a provider who will take care of your infrastructure, freeing up your own resources to focus on delivering value to the business by getting the most out of the services and capabilities delivered by public cloud. As a Microsoft Partner, Partner Seven provides management, support, cost optimization and continuous refinement, becoming the single point of contact for support of your Azure infrastructure.

Capabilities to help you get the most from Azure

  • Be Proactive about your IT Strategy.

    Keep your business ahead of these threats with 24/7 monitoring across your entire environment that continually evaluates your services and devices for warning sings and alerts your designated response team—your engineers or ours—to solve the issue before it affects your bottom line.

  • Access to Industry Experts

    Our subject matter experts are available to help you take advantage of the latest technologies as they become available. This will help you maximize your returns on investments without worrying about the technical resources needed to architect, provision and manage these technologies.

  • Keep Systems Secure and Operational

    Maximize uptime with proactive monitoring and infrastructure management that detects and responds to issues before they happen. Our Managed services will help you Build a solid security foundation with Insight Assessments that Identify security vulnerabilities.

  • Outsource your Pain-points

    Supercharge user productivity with end-user support for your most common technologies and devices. Cut down on needless tickets with our extensive library of Azure, Windows 10 and Office 365 training content to help end-users find answers to their questions before they become support tickets.


Design and architect a secure, fit for purpose Azure foundation, so that Azure services can be utilized in confidence.


Go live with a digital technology partner with track record in driving business innovation in Azure.


Assess, plan and action the migration of workloads to Azure utilizing our Multi-Cloud Transformation Services.


Take control of your workloads on Azure with a single point of contact for support of your Azure environment.

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